about interference arts

Interference Arts, a Company That Creates Multimedia Performances in Minneapolis, MN

Interference Arts employs music, inter-media performance work, arts-based community development and visionary research to promote healthy individuals and vital, sustainable communities. We are built on the foundation that the arts play an important role in addressing human challenges and breaking down traditional barriers to communication and problem solving.

Interference Arts projects include music and multimedia performances, installations and gallery exhibitions, community development initiatives where the arts play a significant role, and arts-focused research envisioning the world far into the future. Artwork focuses attention on individual and communal understanding, and on clarifying our goals and our path. Community development initiatives employ the arts to address community challenges, and are targeted towards infusing the arts as a critical component of creating healthy and sustainable communities. Research activities envision the future as a means to highlight current conditions, and to clarify a path to achieve long term strategic goals.