Music Notation and Performance Practice


3Dmusicrep2Interference Arts research in the arena of Music Notation and Contemporary Performance Practice looks far into the future to envision the future of music and music making, and uses this as a foundation for exploring the current conditions to identify a path towards realizing the vision that these resources make possible.

The evolution of Western music notation over the last millennium reveals vital dynamic relationships among music composition, instrument development, performance practice and audience engagement. The innovation of computer-based musical resources has altered the landscape for the creation and dissemination of music, with wide ranging impact on all of these aspects of musical practice.



The Configurable Space research project provides insights into the future creative work environment, and points towards an approach to composition, music instrument design and performance practice.


3DmusicrepRelated to this research is an exploration of how multi-dimensional notation and representation systems can significantly enhance all aspects of music making.

A multi-dimensional notation system can provide different views of musical information customized to serve the specific purposes of composers, performers, conductors or instrument designers; it can establish a platform that serves as a creation and performance model to represent diverse generative and presentational creative purposes; and it can be used to represent our ability to create and control sounds and sound environments that occur in multi-dimensional space.



This research highlights what is considered to be a stagnating condition in the evolution of contemporary music and music making that needs to be addressed if the artform is to continue to serve its role as both a reflection of our culture, and as an active change agent in creating our future.