is a feature of the Interference Arts website that provides opportunities for visitors to get quick views into Artistic Director Craig Harris’ work and projects. Inter-Section presents highlights of specific projects with video and audio examples; contextualizes the work, illustrates connections between projects and initiatives; and provides pathways to navigate through the artistic, community development and research projects found on the Interference Arts website.

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The May 2020 installment of Inter-Section features:
Untether – the Homewood Studios Concerts: a series of four solo keyboard concerts produced in 2019 at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis. Specific video examples from performances include “Passing,” from the keyboard suite GONE; and Music Box Variations II; and

Transformational Experiences: insights into Craig Harris’ artistic and research evolution, with a deeper view into the period working in the San Francisco Bay Area (1987 – 1994). Specific works presented include the second and fourth movements from the computer music composition inDelicate Balance (“Somewhere between” and “Room Views”), and the research project Configurable Space.

My Journey Exploring the Extended Piano: a feature article delving into my decades-long exploration building upon the sonic and physical characteristics of the piano using digital technologies to extend the musical possibilities in both sound and musical process.

The February 2021 installment of Inter-Section features:

GONE – a multimedia performance & installation – Craig Harris and Candy Kuehn have completed new videos for the multimedia suite GONE, Harris’ keyboard suite about loss. The music has also been updated, and new piano recordings and the updated music score are now available.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac – Craig Harris became Executive Director of Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Science and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) in 1990, and collaborated with American physicist, astronomer and ISAST Executive Editor/Chairman of the Board Roger Malina to facilitate enhanced international networking and collaborations in the emerging media arts field. During our work together we founded one of the Internet’s first web-based field journal, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, and this is the story behind the origin and development of that project.

Contemporary Music Analysis Package – The Contemporary Music Analysis Package (CMAP) is a set of computer programs for analysis, modeling and composition of atonal and serial music I created with music theorist Alexander Brinkman, completed in 1986. This is the story about the origin of this project.

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