GONE – a suite about loss

“Passing – Portal” – Candy Kuehn’s digital illustration, created for Craig Harris’ suite about loss – GONE © Candy Kuehn 2020

GONE is Craig Harris’ keyboard suite that explores the intense emotional terrain of loss.

The loss of a loved one is accompanied by intense emotional upheaval, filled with complex feelings and memories. The sense of loss can be interpreted more broadly, to include loss experienced through major life changes, even loss resulting from what we experience in the world of the COVID pandemic – loss of our sense of normality, our sense of human connection, potentially loss of income or physical/emotional stability.

Loss of life. Loss of family.
Loss of a relative, a friend.

Loss of a friendship, kinship.

Loss of health, livelihood.

Loss of home.
Loss of security.
Loss of electricity.
Loss of water.

Loss of sustenance.
Loss of safety.
Loss of freedom.

Loss of purpose, meaning.
Loss of communication, touch.

Lost time.
Lost love.

GONE can be experienced as a work for live music and/or multimedia performance/installation, recorded music, and video presentation. Video imagery for each movement was created in collaboration with visual artist Candy Kuehn. The multimedia performance version of the work is designed to incorporate video projection into an immersive environment comprised of multiple hanging scrims, with a multi-channel audio distribution design. The project is designed to establish a creative and safe context for personal and communal exploration of loss.

The movements in the suite include Passing, Release, Nostalgia, Loss, Emptiness, Gratitude, Regret, Longing, Guilt and Freedom. Meditation: Earth and Sky is an electronic soundscape that serves as a coda to be performed with the suite in performance situations where a good quality sound playback system is available.

Learn more about GONE, Craig Harris’ suite about loss.

Craig Harris performed the music for this recording of GONE on his vintage 1898 Steinway B grand piano.  The soundtracks are available for download in mp3 format (great for general music listening), or in wav format (high resolution listening and public presentation).

GONE can be purchased as a full compilation for download, including all keyboard movements and the electronic soundscape coda; individual movements are available for purchase and download as well. Excerpts are presented with each movement to sample the music.

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GONE, a keyboard suite about loss - Compilation

GONE Compilation, the complete keyboard suite about loss by Craig Harris, including all 10 keyboard movements and the electronic soundscape coda.

Passing - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

“Passing” is a reflection about the passing process – the transition; sharing in the passage experience; the memory and essence of presence; and processing absence.

Release - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

Release from the bonds of life, from presence; the experience of absence.

Nostalgia - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

Waves of memories, playful moments, and recollections of gentle shared experiences – like a warm blanket. We can still feel presence.

Loss - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

The cloud of “Nostalgia” disperses, revealing a deep sense of “Loss.”

Emptiness - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

“Emptiness” ensues.

Gratitude - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

Ever grateful.

Regret - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

Things said and unsaid; done, not done, not undone. Unfulfillable wishes.

Longing - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

Longing to remember, to feel lost presence, to hold on to past moments and memories, to let go of pain and anguish.

Guilt & Freedom - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

“Guilt” – Incomplete circles. “Freedom” – our loved one’s freedom; our freedom. Freedom to move one; freedom to experience their lives, presence, passing, and absence.

Meditation-Earth & Sky - from GONE, a keyboard suite about loss

“Meditation: Earth and Sky” is  a soundscape coda created for the composition GONE, Craig Harris’ keyboard suite about loss.


The keyboard music score for GONE is available for purchase here. in print or download format.


Composer & Piano: Craig Harris

© 2020
Copyright by Interference Arts
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