“SenseAbility” – Candy Kuehn’s signature digital illustration, created for Craig Harris’ show “SenseAbility.” (c) Interference Arts 2017

Artist Candy Kuehn created the signature image and several digital illustrations for Craig Harris’ multimedia dramatic work SenseAbility, a show that explores how our personal experiences and cultural narratives help us navigate our ongoing struggle to make the world a better place.

Inspired yet haunted by the voice of Elijah, Harris invites the Prophet of all time into our time, imagining him on a shared journey of transformation. The show is about individual and community responsibility and accountability.

Harris weaves music and visual textures with his memories of Bethlehem and new family connections in the West Bank.

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SenseAbility (Digital Illustration)

“SenseAbility” – Candy Kuehn’s signature digital illustration for Craig Harris’ show SenseAbility.

Engaging Palestine, from SenseAbility (Digital Illustration)

“Engaging Palestine” – Candy Kuehn’s digital illustration for Craig Harris’ show SenseAbility.

Jericho Rising, from SenseAbility (Digital Illustration)

“Jericho Rising” – Candy Kuehn’s Digital illustration for Craig Harris’ show SenseAbility.


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