Audience onstage

Community Engagement

Audience onstage

The audience put on wearable art by local artists and designers, and were invited onto the stage to experience the immersive multimedia environment at the workshop, audio/video recording session and special event “The Making of It is She Who I See,” September 17, 2012. Project midwife Kym Longhi directed the participants in the on-stage activity, where they explored aspects of Beauty and “She-ness.” By revealing and bringing awareness to the state of the gender imbalance, the audience is encouraged to interfere with what has become the norm in our world.

We recorded their presence in the environment to incorporate into the projection design for the November show, representing people who have been “on the hill” in times past, or who will be there in the future. Wearable Art for video shoot provided by Candy Kuehn, Sandra Brick, Gini Corrick, Carol Hallman, and Anna Lee.

Music by Craig Harris

Projection Design – Jim Peitzman
Set Design – Craig Harris, with Hourglass set piece by Paul Herwig
Kym Longhi – project midwife