She Images: Wendy Quilts Family



Candy Kuehn has been busy creating SHE images for use in It is She Who I See. Candy often says that she sees in pictures, not in words, and that these digital illustrations are what she sees in these people that she depicts. I’m pleased to be able to post them here, along with some descriptions about what it is that Candy sees. These digital illustrations appear in various ways in the show, and projection designer Jim Peitzman is amazing at interpreting this imagery into his own manifestions of “SHE.” This is what Candy says about Wendy Quilts Family:

Family is important to Wendy. For this image, Wendy wears a dress that we made for her; her quilt was featured at the Textile Center. She gave me a century of family pictures, and I quilted all of this into her picture.

Wendy leans on the porch in her generations. Her husband and sons are right behind her. The house edges a woods and pond; along the path are her relatives. They are growing. She stands in a forest with family. Wendy’s grandfather was a musician, and I saw him everywhere, so he is throughout this picture.

She likes purple flowers, and so I took flower pictures in gardens and porches this past summer. Cardinals are family birds. They attend Wendy; she attends them. The sky becomes day and night. All generations see the seven sisters Pleiades, and they see us.

Quilters are very skilled at putting things together in usual and unusual relationships. They piece in ways that work. Wendy is an Artist, Mom and Quilter of the family.