On the Hill 1

On the Hill

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In this piece the group performs a deconstruction of Rita Dove’s poem “The Hill has Something to Say” at the workshop, audio/video recording session and special event “The Making of It is She Who I See,” September 17, 2012.
Music performed by the ensemble Shape, an experimental improvisation ensemble comprised of Viv Corringham (vocalist), Stephen Goldstein (laptops and various electronics and controllers) and Craig Harris (real time sampling and processing). Viv extemporizes with a broad vocal palette, with and without words; Stephen draws upon his vast toolbox of sounds, controllers and live performance techniques; and Craig records and processes them both, feeding the material back into the mix to create a sound fabric that the three “shape” together.

Costumes and Digital Illustration – Candy Kuehn

Projection Design – Jim Peitzman
Set Design – Craig Harris, with Hourglass set piece by Paul Herwig