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“It is She Who I See” opens with a fabulous review



Thanks to my amazing collaborators for a fabulous opening night! You’re all truly an amazing group to work with.

A review has come out on “How Was The Show?”

It’s worth a read. Here are some highlights. I couldn’t be happier with Janet Preus’ reaction to the piece:

“This a very beautiful piece – a rich kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, still images and video blended with a highly evocative soundscape of acoustic instruments and electronic sound…”

“Visually it is stunning…creating a hologram-like effect that really is immersive. The integration of projections and live performance is virtually seamless.”

“It’s really a completely different approach to issue-grounded performance, and it’s both engaging and inclusive.”

“This company has something new to say in the arts community and I think we should pay attention.”

See the full review at:
How Was The Show?

Shows at 8 on Friday and Saturday, and at 2pm on Sunday. Please come to see the show if you can.