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Three opportunities this week



Please join me for any or all of three opportunities to see my work in the Twin Cities this week:

Making Light in Terezin at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival
April 28, 2013 4:00pm

The film “Making Light in Terezin,” based on the theater project that I worked on two years ago and toured in the Czech Republic, is having its premiere here at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival on April 28 at 4pm at St. Anthony Main Theater. The original play was written by Kira Obolensky, based on the discovery and recreation of a cabaret created in the Terezin Ghetto and transport camp during WWII. I was the music director and pianist for the play and wrote the film score. Playwright and filmmaker Rich Krevolin followed us all on the tour, and produced the film. This film provides a powerful insight into the work that we did, and more importantly, into the amazing work that theater artists were doing to survive during the holocaust.

Shape Ensemble at Black Dog Café
April 30, 2013
308 Prince Street
Saint Paul, MN
Admission: Free

Shape is an experimental improvisation ensemble comprising Viv Corringham (vocalist), Stephen Goldstein (laptops and various electronics and controllers) and Craig Harris (real time sampling and processing and keyboards). Viv extemporizes with a broad vocal palette, with and without words; Stephen draws upon his vast toolbox of sounds, controllers and live performance techniques; and Craig records and processes them both, feeding the material back into the mix to create a sound fabric that the three “shape” together.

Shape repertoire includes works using existing sources as inspiration and source material, such as the poem “The Hill Has Something to Say,” by Rita Dove, or writings of such cultural icons as John Cage, or mash-ups using existing music from various cultures and eras. Shape also freely extemporizes based on a variety of raw sound and textual sources. In all cases the ensemble plays with the audience’s sense of the known and unknown, the recognizable and the unrecognizable, and a broad palette of sonic and emotional sensibilities.

Check here for a video sample of Shape performing “On the Hill” in Interference Arts’ multimedia performance of It is She Who I See on November 15, 2012 at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Babel Clarion at the River Bells Community Music Festival

May 4, 2013 1:00PM
8th Avenue SE between 5th St. SE and 6th St. SE in Minneapolis

My composition Babel Clarion, for carillon and chorus, will have its premiere at the River Bells Community Music Festival on May 4. This piece was commissioned by Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association, made possible through a grant from the University of Minnesota Good Neighbor Fund. The choral component of this composition is derived from the composition “Babel Lament,” from my Five Books Choral Suite, and was recorded by First Readings Project, directed by J. David Moore.

Check here for an Artist Statement about Babel Clarion.