Zorongo Flamenco’s ConVivir update


ConVivir: 7 Dances to a More Compassionate World

All of the collaborators working on Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre’s upcoming show ConVivir: 7 Dances to a More Compassionate World are fully immersed in creating what I’m convinced is going to be an amazing, must-see show. The musicians from Spain and from here are stellar; the dancers are phenomenal; the costumes and imagery… the story… all elements are converging, and it’s an incredible experience to be part of this production. Artistic Director and Choreographer Susana di Palma has not only brought together world class artists and collaborators (I’m not just saying this. These people are mind blowing!); she has initiated an exploration of the Convivencia period, serving as a catalyst for us to probe how we engage with each other, and to move us to question our personal responsibility and role in creating a more compassionate world.

Here are a few digital illustrations that Candy Kuehn has created that will become part of the design. Those of you who know Aldo Moroni’s work will recognize its appearance in the city history illustration.


CIVTcityhist2 small MOSTcolumnas_small





COSpinkstarstrees small



Definitely come to see this show and bring people with you. It will be glorious to experience, and will certainly initiate thoughtful exchanges and conversations with your friends.




Also – please consider supporting our Indiegogo campaign. We have raised $1630 so far towards our $7500 goal. Many thanks to all of you who have already contributed. We truly appreciate it! We would like to break the $2500 mark over the weekend, and push further towards our goal over the next two weeks.

Visit the campaign site to contribute.


And as if that weren’t enough, there is a fantastic public dialogue coming up on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 6pm: Convivencia – Medieval to Modern. This event brings together a remarkable group of leaders and scholars to talk about how Medieval Spain’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cultural Cooperation holds relevance for our Metro area.


Details for the event are below. I hope to see you at the event, and at the show!

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Craig R. Harris, Artistic Director
Interference Arts



Convivencia: Medieval to Modern Public Dialogue
Convivencia: Medieval to Modern Public Dialogue