Beauty Is, from It is SHE Who I See


“Beauty Is” –  from Craig Harris’ ballet suite Reimagining Sleeping Beauty, performed at his show It is SHE Who I See.


Beauty Is, from It is SHE Who I See

"Beauty Is…," Performance photo from Craig Harris' show It is SHE Who I See.
“Beauty Is…,” from Reimagining Sleeping Beauty – Performance photo from Craig Harris’ show It is SHE Who I See. © Melisande Charles 2012

“Beauty Is…” is one of three movements from Craig Harris’ Reimagining Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite that were incorporated into Harris’ show It is SHE Who I See, an immersive multimedia performance that celebrates the original woman who is in all of us.

The production It is SHE Who I See includes live and recorded music in a multi-dimensional soundspace, imagery and pre-taped performance projected onto a stage hung with translucent scrims, lighting design, and movement performed by a male theater artist.

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“Beauty Is…” is one of several compositions available from Craig Harris’ show It is SHE Who I See, which incorporates selections from Harris’ repertoire created since 1983, including “The Hill has Something to Say;” “On the Hill 1, 2 and 3,” which are improvisations by the ensemble Shape deconstructing the poem “The Hill has Something to Say;” “Still,” “Now Time All Time,” “Gentle Rain,” “Lilacs in Spring in Terezin,” and “After the Storm,” from Harris’ Suite for Cello and Piano; “Beauty Awakens,” Beauty is…,” and “Deep Sleep,” from Harris’ Reimagining Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite; “Threshold,” Harris’ 1983 chamber ensemble work recorded by the ensemble Zeitgeist; and “SHE is,” a work created for this production.

“Beauty Is…” is available for download in mp3 format (great for general music listening), or in wav format (high resolution listening and public presentation).

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