Evolution on the Interference Arts Website

New features, projects and music are now available on the Interference Arts website, the site that features the work of Interference Arts Artistic Director Craig Harris.

Craig Harris
May 12, 2020

I am excited to be going “live” with major new developments on my Interference Arts website, an evolution that provides a more rich and deeper experience for site visitors.

The Interference Arts website was set up a decade ago to feature three main areas that comprise the main categories of my work:

  1. Inter-Arts – creative works that I have created and produced during my career, and projects on which I served as a collaborating artist;
  2. Inter-Community – arts-based community development projects on which I have worked; and
  3. Inter-Research – arts-based research activities exploring the use of new technological resources in service of creative endeavors.

Inter-Section is a significant new feature of the website that provides opportunities for visitors to more effectively navigate the material on the site, and gain insights into the nature of the work.


  • presents highlights of specific projects with video and audio examples;
  • contextualizes the work;
  • illustrates connections between projects and initiatives; and
  • provides pathways to navigate through the artistic, community development and research projects found on the Interference Arts website.

Also now available on the Interference Arts website is the addition of several new projects and performance works, along with audio and video examples – some very recent and some hearkening back several decades.

Highlights include:

  • Additional audio and video examples from my 2019 series of solo keyboard concerts – Untether: the Homewood Studios Concerts – all available on its own page;
  • A page highlighting the Music Box Variations, including the story about the project origins, and an early example of my exploration of transformed music boxes from music created for Ballet of the Dolls’ dance theatre production “Sleeping Beauty (2003).”
  • A page dedicated to inDelicate Balance (1989), one of my early computer music compositions exploring sampled and transformed piano, voice and narrative soundscapes;
  • A page featuring Off-Leash Area’s 2017 dance theater production Dancing on the Belly of the Beast, including some video examples. I wrote and performed the music and soundscapes for this poignant show about adult orphanhood.

The May 2020 installment of Inter-Section features:
Untether – the Homewood Studios Concerts: a glance into my series of four solo keyboard concerts produced in 2019 at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis, featuring some examples from performances include Passing, from the keyboard suite GONE; and Music Box Variations II. A link is provided in the project description to a page with more details and performance examples from Untether, and also a link dedicated to the Music Box Variations.

Transformational Experiences: a window into a feature article providing insights into my artistic and research path, with a specific deeper view into the period living in the San Francisco Bay Area (1987 – 1994). Specific works presented include the second and fourth movements from the computer music composition inDelicate Balance (“Somewhere between” and “Room Views”), and the research project Configurable Space. Links are provided to a more detailed page for Transformational Experiences that includes several additional experiences with audio and video examples, and also to pages exploring projects in more detail.

My Journey Exploring the Extended Piano: a feature article delving into my decades-long adventure building upon the sonic and physical characteristics of the piano, using digital technologies to extend possibilities in both sound and musical process.

In the coming months I will be adding new installments of Inter-Section, including stories, projects, music and video examples of my work, and several additions to the Inter-Community and Inter-Research areas of the Interference Arts website.

Go directly to Inter-Section here!

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