The Interference Arts Store

Inter-Section III – Introducing the Interference Arts Store

Interference Arts is excited to launch the Interference Arts Store, a project that has been in development for many months. The Interference Arts St0ore is a catalog of Artistic Director Craig Harris’ works that are available for sale, including his Music; Scores to perform some of his compositions; Digital Illustrations by Candy Kuehn created for several of his multimedia performance projects; and photographs by Marion Gray and others documenting Harris’ performances and research. Some of the CDs, scores and digital illustrations/photos are available in physical form; much more is available for download.

The Interference Arts Store launches featuring six of Craig Harris’ projects with 51 music tracks; 35 digital illustrations from six of Harris’ projects; and 5 music scores that are available for people who would like to perform his music.

Whether you purchase products or not, this site provides new pathways into Craig Harris’ body of work spanning decades. It is a unique opportunity to explore the work in the context of the projects that provided the catalyst for their creation. Many music excerpts are available to experience, and this is the first opportunity to view the rich visual material that became part of the design for several projects outside of the performance or presentation experience.

Enjoy the journey! And come back again – more work will become available in the coming months.

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