Elijah in the Wadi (Digital Illustration)


“Elijah in the Wadi” – Candy Kuehn’s signature digital illustration for Craig Harris’ show Elijah in the Wadi.


Elijah in the Wadi (Digital Illustration)

“Elijah in the Wadi” – Candy Kuehn’s signature digital illustration, created for Craig Harris’ show Elijah in the Wadi. © Candy Kuehn 2016

“Elijah in the Wadi” is a Candy Kuehn’s signature digital illustration created for Craig Harris’ multimedia dramatic performance Elijah in the Wadi, a show that explores the life, times, and character of the Prophet Elijah. Elijah is a witness, an activist, and an iconic figure who appears in the stories of all three Abrahamic religions – “the People of the Book.”  

Elijah’s stories have an epic quality, while preserving the highly personal relationships that he has with people from all walks of life. He speaks truth to power, has a deep connection to his people, and is a fierce advocate for those who are disenfranchised. He spends long periods of time in isolation, escaping and hiding from repeated threats against his life, and he struggles with periods of intense doubt and desperation.

Learn more about the production Elijah in the Wadi, including music, video, and detailed information about the project.

“Elijah in the Wadi” is available as a print, and also as a downloadable high resolution image for printing. It can be printed on a color printer as desired for personal use – on home printers, professional printers – and can be hung unframed or framed as desired. The size of this image is 10.88″ x 7.33″ at 300 ppi.

“Elijah in the Wadi” ” is one of several digital illustrations available from Craig Harris’ show Elijah in the Wadi.

About Candy Kuehn Digital Illustrations

Candy Kuehn provides the following insights into her printing process to assist in producing the best results for printing and/or framing these prints: “I use Digital Fine Papers when printing my work. My favorites are Innova, Hahnemulle, Cansons  Infinity and Epson Fine Art Papers. My large works use roll papers – Epson Premium Photo Luster or Epson Legacy Baryta. My print files fit sizes A3 (13” x 17”) and A4 (17” x 22”), though some files are designed for larger formats. I download ICC profiles and follow prompts to install the profiles from the paper’s manufacturer’s guidelines. I use Adobe Photoshop as my go to editing program. I also test on one piece of paper; print and cancel; then try another setting turning the paper upside down, print and cancel until I am satisfied with the print results. (If you have a photo editing program, strips can be done that way as well.) For professional online printing, two options are Shutterfly.com and snapfish.com. I also use local professional art printers in Minneapolis, such as Artist Resource Group (artist-grp.com). Owner Terry Schopper’s knowledge is exceptional and brilliant.”

Please allow 4-6 weeks for printing and shipping of prints. Prints are often printed on demand, and we need to coordinate schedules with our high quality artwork printers. Please contact us about any special needs and we will try to accommodate.

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Elijah in the Wadi

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