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The Hill has Something to Say – score for Soprano & Piano


The score for Craig Harris’ “The Hill has Something to Say,” for Soprano & Piano, based on a poem by the poet Rita Dove.

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The Hill Has Something to Say

a composition for Soprano & Piano

by Craig Harris

“The Hill has Something to Say” is a composition by Craig Harris, based on a poem by renowned poet Rita Dove. The poem expresses the depth and meaning of all that has unfolded through time on the hill, and reinforces the thread that holds all time together in us. This work was commissioned for soprano Renée Fleming, and premiered in 2000 at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, with Richard Bado on piano, on a concert of live American composers.

“The Hill has Something to Say” was written for Soprano, Piano and Amphora. The Amphora instrument is comprised of a group of soundscape tracks that are triggered by computer or sampler, either on stage by performers or offstage by a soundscape operator. The Amphora could also be performed live by a digital keyboard utilizing an appropriate sound setting, or even by an additional piano. In the case of performance by an additional piano, though, some of the dynamic markings would not be relevant. This composition can also be performed by Soprano and Piano, without the Amphora. This is the score for the Soprano and Piano version.

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The Hill has Something to Say - Soprano & Piano Version

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